Pilates - Gyrotonic

Experience Pilates and Gyrotonic® in the Unique Environment of The Houstonian Club

The wonderful benefits of Pilates and Gyrotonic® are available in the most beautiful setting, with caring and exceptionally competent instructors.

Pilates is the godfather of core strength training. The core, or in Pilates terminology, the powerhouse, is the upper and lower abdominal muscles, the lower back and the buttocks. Pilates is something you carry with you for a lifetime, benefiting people of all fitness levels. Anyone can do it. The benefits range from helping the average person become more physically fit to perfecting the performance of the elite athlete. Regardless of your physical ability, the Pilates method teaches you a way of life. You sit better, you sleep better, you stand better, and you feel more in control of your body.

offers a truly unique approach to health, fitness, and movement using the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®.

The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is based on dance, swimming, and gymnastics as well as yoga and tai-chi. This system enables one to achieve synchronized strength and flexibility, facilitating full articulation of the joints, neuromuscular coordination and balance.
GYROTONIC® helps our members develop a body with lean musculature – strong, flexible, and injury free.

For more information, contact Kim Kilway at kkilway@houstonian.com.   


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