Nutrition Services

Nutrition programs, services and counseling are available from The Houstonian Club's registered, licensed dietitians, Erika Kaufman, R.D., L.D. and Denise Hernandez, M.S., R.D., L.D. Their specialties include weight management, sports nutrition, diabetes, eating disorders, heart disease, and pediatric nutrition. For more information, please click here


Nutrition Check-up
Includes a nutrition consultation and food record assessment.

Basic Nutrition Plan
This program will help you achieve your health and fitness goals by designing an individualized eating plan that fits into your lifestyle.  You can achieve optimal nutrition and fitness.

Home Cooking
Develop and customize the menu of your choice with a Houstonian Club licensed Dietician.  A grocery list will be provided for you to fulfill.  Then, the Dietitian will meet you at your house to create quick, healthy, delicious meals.

Home Visit
Organize your kitchen at home with a licensed Dietitian.  Includes a kitchen makeover and nutrition consultation.

Grocery Store Tour
Visit the grocery store with a licensed Dietician.  Acquire tips on quick, easy meals and label reading, and learn to fill your basket with the healthiest latest products.

Individual Nutrition Topics
Includes a customized visit with a Dietician to address topics of choice:  shopping, dining out, portion control, sports nutrition, stress/emotional eating, eating on the run, vacation, 10-minute meals, lowering cholesterol, osteoporosis, vegetarianism herbal supplements, and more.


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