Class Descriptions


An extensive offering of classes providing a dynamic exercise program guaranteed to get you in shape by burning calories, toning and strengthening the body.

Water Fitness Class Descriptions

High Energy Cardio, Core and More
A one hour deep water class is perfect for men and women. It is intense enough for the physically fit while it also can be modified for the beginner. A variety of movements and rhythms are used to tone, strengthen and enhance muscle groups.

H20 ROUTES (Seasonal)
Shallow water walking with an emphasis on gait training, balance training, and stabilization of the core and ankle. Participants will learn a variety of different steps while changing directions and increasing resistance in the water. This class is appropriate for all levels. Aquatic shoes are recommended.

360 Degree Weight-Less
This advanced deep water workout incorporates horizontal and vertical movements that provide a constant challenge for the core. Aquatic belts are recommended. Appropriate for all levels who are comfortable changing from vertical to horizontal moves in the water.

Fluid Flexibility
This class is a shallow and deep water movement class incorporates Yoga and Pilates to emphasize range of motion and flexibility. Appropriate for all levels.

H20, 20, 20, 20!
This deep water interval class incorporates 20 minutes of cardio-vascular training, 20 minutes of strength training and 20 minutes of flexibility movements. In each class, there will 20 minutes of strength training with various aquatic equipment. Noodles or belts are recommended.

Peaceful Waters
This shallow or deep water relaxation class emphasizes breathing with movement. We utilize arthritic movements that are gentle on the joints and help with increase range of motion with an emphasis on breath control and relaxation. Appropriate for all levels especially those with arthritis or those recovering from joint rehab.

AWKA Force (Seasonal)
This intense shallow water workout adds tons of force with the help of the Speedo Kick-boxers. This class is sure to rev up your cardiovascular system with plenty of intense powerful movement. Appropriate for those who can jump and run in the water. Aquatic water shoes are recommended.

This class is a deep water workout incorporating fun dance moves to improve your cardiovascular fitness. Noodles or belts are recommended. Appropriate for all levels.

This shallow and deep water class features fun mermaid type movement. Learn the fluidity and flowing movements of Cirque du Soleil using balls, discs, etc. This class will improve your strength, dexterity, eye hand coordination and balance. Appropriate for all levels.

In accordance with the Houstonian’s class attendance expectations, if attendance of a class does not meet or exceed the minimum class attendance standards within the time frame agreed upon with the instructor, the class may be dropped from the schedule.


From beginner lessons to competitive swimming, programs offer conditioning, stroke technique and fun challenges for every age and skill level. Great for those interested in Master’s Competitive Swimming, Triathlons or fitness swimming. SwimFit classes are held year round unless otherwise stated.

The Houstonian offers an average of 20 adult swim practices a week as a benefit of your membership. Classes are designated as Distance (longer swims at a moderate pace with low rest, mostly freestyle), Middle Distance (Medium length sets, higher speed, multiple strokes and higher rest), or Sprint (Shorter sets focused on speed with high rest, multiple strokes and lots of drills for technique improvement). Offered every day of the week. Most days have morning and noon options, some days have evening classes, too. 

New Class!  Intensity!
Intensity is a high impact swimming Boot Camp that encompasses muscle confusion and high calorie burn swim sets. The class will incorporate strength training with short distance sprint sets combined with extreme exercises derived from water polo and competitive swimming.


Video Swim Clinics 
Stroke analysis filming above and below water from several angles to give swimmers visual and verbal feedback on their stroke technique along with tips for improvement. Seasonal workshops or private sessions by appointment. Please see our main Aquatics page for the upcoming series of underwater video clinics and registration forms. 

Private and Group Swimming Lessons (Year-round) 
All ages, all skill levels. Learn technique and strategy from the top coaches in the area. By appointment. Please call 713-685-6751 to set up lessons.


Splash Clinics (July) 
Kids ages 6 to 14 will enjoy this fun-filled clinic. Each week techniques and games will help swimmers develop strong understanding of the four different strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly). Clinics will meet Mondays - Thursdays from 3 to 4:30 p.m.. There is also a Friday only option from 10 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.. 

Dolphins Swim For Fitness (July through March)
Dolphins Swim Team is a fun, low key developmental program that focuses on stroke technique and conditioning for athletes ages 8 to 16. Kids will get a great foundation for entering school and summer swim team programs. 

Otters Pre-Swim Team 
Otters Pre- Swim will help prepare your child to be ready for joining a swim team. It is designed to teach children ages 4 to 9 the fundamentals of balance, timing, breathing and starts for competitive swimming. Otters will meet in the fall and early spring each year. Otters Saturday Technique Club will meet February through November.

BlueFins Swim Team (April through June)
Summer League Swim Team for children ages 5 to 14. May through June. Please see registration form for practice schedules. Swim Meets in June. 

Group Swim Lessons (April through August)
The Houstonian offers a group swimming lessons for children ages 1 to 7. Children will learn stroke progressions and water safety in a fun, nurturing group setting. Aquatots (Parent & child), StarFish (Ages 3 to 4, beginner), Sea Horses (Ages 3-4, advanced), Sea Lions (Ages 4 to 7). Fees vary, please see registration forms on the main Aquatics page. 

Private Swim Lessons (Year-round)
Private, semi-private and private -group lessons are offered at your convenience. By appointment. Please call 713-685-6751 to set up lessons.


SCUBA Rangers and Starfish 
SCUBA Rangers™ and Starfish ™ Kids will learn water safety, team building, and responsibility. Starfish (ages 3 ½ to 7) is beginning snorkeling skills. SCUBA Rangers (ages 8-12) is both snorkeling and SCUBA. Call Ann Keibler 713-523-3483 at Oceanic Venture.

Adult Open Water SCUBA 
Become a certified Open Water Diver. SCUBA is great activity for the family to do together!!! Join a regularly scheduled class, create a private program or learn in your home coordinated with Houstonian instructors. Call Ann Keibler 713-523-3483 at Oceanic Venture.



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